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Learn to build your own bicycle frame. In the technical seminar of the Chamber of Crafts Rhein-Main

The bicycle frame gives the bike character: a central construction that carries and connects all parts and ensures how the bike rides — comfortable, sporty, agile or fast. No wonder that the variety of frames is now huge. They differ not only in the material, connection technology and geometry, but also in the purpose of use. In the technical seminar Bicycle Frame Construction, you will learn not only how to build a bicycle frame, but also to test, measure and assess it safely. We talked about the course with Claudia Dillenburger, head of the Federal School for German two-wheeled craft.

With these hacks you succeed in a healthy and varied diet.

Like so many, I always think that my family and I should eat healthier. And we also periodically make a visit to the “Land of Healthy Eating”. Nevertheless, we also regularly fall back into our old habits and forget, or rather suppress what is really important. It is really easy to develop new, more balanced eating habits and to benefit from health.

Lumos vs. Livall — Smart LED Helmets Compare

In recent years, helmets have evolved from pure “fall helmets” to active accident avoiders. Manufacturers such as Lumos or Livall equip their helmets with additional features that increase the safety or comfort of the helmets. Two helmets that have a maximum number of technical finesse and in our opinion rightly bear the name “smart helmet” are the BH60SE from Livall and the Kickstart helmet from Lumos. We took a closer look at the two helmets and tested the individual functions.

What's next? Race & MTBs for 2020

Over the last few weeks, the Tour de France has determined the news about cycling. At the end of the big loop, the head is now free for all the other beautiful facets of cycling. We present the most exciting novelties.

Hospital instead of COM? Strava and other training apps — Five reasons against constant comparison.

Sports apps are gaining popularity. They help to keep a book about your own training and especially about its progress and offer an exchange among runners or cyclists as a social medium. However, they are primarily looking for users as a virtual competition platform. Here the matter becomes difficult for Arne Bischoff of the press service bicycle. A comment.

Swapfiets: Bicycles on a subscription.

“My bike has been stolen.” “I already have a flat tire that annoys.” My mountain bike is too bad to drive through the city traffic. ““I don't have any money to buy myself a bike for the city.” “I don't want to make my high-quality racer an everyday bike.” Do you know that? Then you should read on, because Swapfiets offers you a pretty smart solution to all these problems with its subscription offer.

Become fitter, mentally powerful and protect you from chronic illnesses — through ketogenic nutrition.

Better results in strength endurance training? Desire? Then you should read on: the ketogenic diet is a form of carbohydrate-reduced (low carb) diet. It is defined by the creation of special molecules in the body: the ketone bodies. The effect? Ketogenic nutrition not only provides better well-being and pushes you to a new level of fitness, it can even cure (chronic) diseases.

What can cycling men learn from cycling women? And vice versa? Interview with Katharina Meißner about women's cycling.

Cycling is still a male-dominated sport, and even in women's cycling, the majority of men decide what is reported and what is profitable. Nevertheless, some changes in favour of women. This is especially due to women like Katharina Meißner, who as a Specialized Brand Ambassador, is committed to increasing numbers of women in the saddle.

Daily Fitness — 7 tips on how to keep fit with little time.

You would like to keep fit, but the challenges of everyday life leave you little time for extended bike tours or training sessions? Then we have just the right challenge for you! Try our 7 daily tips and easily integrate your fitness unit into your daily routine.

6 valuable tips for an injury-free cycling season.

The first beautiful days of spring are behind us and we also took our bikes out of the cellar. So that we can survive the cycling season unharmed, we have compiled 6 practical tips on how to get through the season safely. Let's go!

Is billed on the beach? We have the 19 biggest dietary lies for you.

More than one in two is overweight and most want to get rid of it. Sport alone is not enough. Unfortunately, the six-pack is made in the kitchen. To make it easier for you to lose a few pounds, we're uncovering the biggest dietary lies here.

Team Up! Two companies want more safety for cyclists.

Vodafone and Continental want to prevent dangerous rendez-vous between cyclists and cars in the future. Read how the “digital shield” works for cyclists and what progress is made here!

7 natural DIY boosters to refill your energy storage.

The route is planned, the things are packed, but for the perfect start to your bike adventure, you still need the right provision for in between? Read on — we've put together 7 Snack Recipes for your tour that you can easily prepare at home and take with you. Perfect for replenishing your energy storage even on challenging bike tours!

How to find the perfect bike helmet!

You want to finally get a helmet, or you want to replace your old man? With these 7 hacks you are well advised and find the perfect helmet.

The 99 biggest nutritional myths.

A healthy and sporty lifestyle is important for most cyclists. But if you want to eat healthy, you have to deal with numerous rules: eat lots of fruits and vegetables, fish instead of meat and nothing fat! But is it true that avocados make thick and have vegans and vegetarians protein deficiency? There are many nutritional myths around the topic of food, drink and sport. A lot of it is true, but a lot of it is only partially or not at all. We'll clear up.

The secret of success? Interview with World Track Champion Maximilian Levy.

Maximilian Levy, 31, is one of the most successful German track bike sprinters and has dominated the sport for more than a decade. He is four times the world and five times the European Champion. At the Olympics, he won silver once and twice bronze. We talked with Max about diligence and discipline, his training, the Mecklenburg Lakes Round and his commitment to the young as AOK sports ambassador.

7 inspiring destinations for your next cycling holiday.

Are you planning your next bike trip adventure? Then read on, because we introduce you to 7 regions that you should definitely explore on 2 wheels.

THE BOSS PAYS. Yeah, what?

How do the Mecklenburg Lakes round match with company health management? Excellent, because the DERCHEF PAYS! not only brings people on the bike and thus ensures better well-being, the project also ensures that interested employees receive valuable tips and support for the MSR adventure.

That flashes bike crazies. The Night of the 100 Miles.

On the night of 6 to 7 July 2019, it's time again. The legendary Night of the 100 Miles starts for the second time. The participants start in the evening at dusk, drive into the night and grow beyond themselves. As a reward, an unforgettable breakfast awaits at sunrise on a heap in the Ruhr area, as well as an exclusive patch!

The best bicycle stores. Today: “Grupetto - the cyclist” in Leipzig.

The bike is our favorite companion and the purchase is always an emotional affair. In our series “The best bicycle shops” we regularly look for the best, most extraordinary and likeable shops and introduce them gradually here. We talked with professional cyclist Robert Förster about his two Grupetto shops.

The number of the day

After the long winter, does your bike want love and attention? 10 tips for spring check.

A clean bike will run more round and last longer! Here you will find simple tips and tricks for the spring service.

The number of the day

The number of the day

Fit in the spring.

There are many ways to get fit through the winter. Even those who were lazy can get back in shape before spring. Our head coach Stefan Kirchmair gives tips for this time — and for an optimal training camp. 5 week training plan included.

Ode to the Uckermark #2 — a cycling tour report in 2 parts.

In the second part of my report, we continue by bike through the wonderful Uckermark, a detour to Poland and a round through the Müritz National Park, as well as through idyllic places and past plenty of water. A landscape that is a single inspiration and a dream for every cyclist. Enjoyment is top priority. So to the rediscovery of a land that still sometimes seems to be sleeping in the Sleeping Beauty's sleep.

Ode to the Uckermark #1 — a cycling tour report in 2 parts.

The Uckermark is located in the north-east of Brandenburg, about 80 kilometres from Berlin. The “Tuscany of the North” is, if you like, a sparsely populated tranquillity zone with forests, lakes and hills and as such ideal for busy urban plants that want to find themselves again for a few hours, days or weeks. Klingt5 good, I thought and decided to ennoble myself there.

Ride All Day — Race with Friends. The Cargobike Cup.

2018 was a great year full of great CargoBike.Racing moments. Once again in 2019, we want to start a race at the most beautiful bicycle fair in the sector, the Cyclingworld, together with you.

Get our free stickers at the Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf.

Visit us on March 23rd and 24th at Cyclingworld Düsseldorf and get discounted admission as a cyclique user.

The Iceland Challenge. With the e-bike through fire and ice.

Susanne Brüsch takes you on a 4,000 kilometre journey through Iceland's contrasting dreamscapes. With great landscapes, the journalist reports how four of her and her team defy the Nordic elements.

Feel good through bikepacking.

“Bikepacking is just “the hot crap” and you can quickly get the impression that the “real” cyclist only moves on gravel or endurance bikes and indulges in minimalism, strapped to the bike with a few pockets. That in the end the bike is quite packed and then there is still a luggage rack on it — given! Normal cycling with a travel bike and six-pack is boring in comparison and actually no longer really “in”.

Give it to yourself: the Biehler-Cyclingworld Cyclocross Challenge 2019.

Of course, again in 2019 there will be a cyclocross race. Originally, we wanted to raise the whole thing much bigger this year, but this would have been possible only with a little more support from sponsors. However, we have not been able to find these in the last few weeks. Do you still feel like 45 minutes of full throttle? Then sign up quickly!

Long live women's cycling.

WOMEN 'S MOVEMENT ROAD BIKE welcomes Iris Slappendel. The former Dutch road champion starts with us in the context of the Cyclingworld on a relaxed 60-kilometre lap in the lowlands on the left of the Rhine. The focus is on experiencing and getting to know each other.

1CRIT — Fixedgear Crit

Fixedgear Crit? — This is a race on a winding circuit with track wheels. Without brakes and with rigid gear. The feeling of riding is completely different from a conventional bike. Do you like that?

How to get faster on the bike? 8 simple and efficient tips.

How do I get faster? This is the age-old question and there are countless answers on the subject. The most important thing is to drive a lot. But that only partially answers the question and is quite hackneyed. We have a few very good solutions to the “problem”, after all, it is the great challenge that drives all riders at every level of sport.

The CYCLINGWORLD Düsseldorf — from 0 to WOW in just 3 years. An interview with the creators.

The CYCLINGWORLD Düsseldorf has become one of the most important bicycle fairs in Europe within just three years. The motto: “Europe's new exhibition for the finest cycling culture” is not only a programme, but also a promise. A promise to all visitors and cyclists. More than 300 exhibitors from 25 countries, the historic location and a really hot supporting program all come together.

Finally back on the street.

When training on the roll, the resistance is fixed, because it offers you “stable” conditions, but on the road you have to play the “cruise control” yourself. Our head coach Stefan explains what you need to consider.

Maren Schink — “I hate running: my way from the couch to the bike. “

Maren Schink wanted to report on her blog about the really horrible entry into running training until the thing with the sport slipped out a bit. At this year's Cyclingworld, Maren talks about her experiences in her Virtrag.

The last Gran Fondo.

Even though 2018 is past, I would like to tell you about my last bike tour of the year. Nothing but a Gran Fondo was on the agenda. Who doesn't know what this is: you spend a day in the saddle to cycle at least 100 kilometers. And if you're on the road at STRAVA, you get a virtual badge for the performance you have provided. That's exactly what I wanted to earn for December at least...

With these tires you can safely bike through the winter.

Winter tires for the bike? What has long established itself as a routine in the car every late autumn is also true for the cyclist. For safety and better control in winter road conditions, the right tires are crucial. Here you can find an overview of the different possibilities.

The legendary NIGHTOFTHE100MILES — Part 2.

Breathless through the pot. Or, where participants who do not know each other meet and ride together through the darkness. When the checkpoints are cheerfully entertained and when the piste takes care of each other, it sometimes has something to do with Pööölllaaaaahhh! to do so. What it feels like when you drive 160 kilometers through the night, through the pot and towards the sun...? Find out here.

When cycling becomes cycling, or why you should start in winter.

To be fit in the summer, you should exercise in the winter, clearly. But the cold season is also the best time for entering and climbing cycling. If you want to see results quickly, it is best to turn to specialists who offer effective training build-up with intelligent training control and watt measurement. We have the right beginner tips for winter for you.

Bikingtom — the epic blog from the pot. An interview with the founder Tom.

Bikingtom is one of three top blogs in Germany in the category “Allrounder”. We are very proud that you can now read the adventures and tour reports in our Cyclezine. We talked to Tom about his blog, his commitment to cycling and the legendary NIGHTOFTHE100MILES.

The legendary NIGHTOFTHE100MILES — Part 1.

“Epic! “, “Great”, “Fantastic! “, “Great! “, “Best experience ever! “What superlatives! And all of them are actually from participants of the NIGHTOFTH.100MILES! We, that is, Cycling Dan and I, can't believe how excellent our “bike tour through the night” went and how much fun it gave people!

See and be seen. Ten types of lamps for the autumn of the bicycle.

Bicycle lighting today is much more than dark funzeln, powered by weak dynamos. Legal changes in recent years have created some new possibilities, so battery lighting is now officially allowed and LED technology standard. We present current examples of the upcoming bicycle autumn.

The seven deadly sins on the bike and what they cost.

Cyclists, like motorists or pedestrians, are road users, therefore, violations of the German Road Traffic Regulations by cyclists are punished with fines, points and even in part with driving bans. Avoiding the 7 deadly sins saves you just 270 euros.

DIY: This is how to avoid typical screwdriver errors.

Winter time is screwdriver time. While some mock their bike, the others make the bike fit for ice and snow or give it a technical update. These tips will help you avoid the ten most common mistakes.

How to plan Germany's longest cycling marathon? An interview with MSR track manager Rene Wasmund.

The Mecklenburger Seen Runde is not only a bike marathon of superlatives, it is also an organizational masterpiece: 750 helpers are in use on the day of the event to put a smile on every finisher's face when he reaches the goal. But how hard is it to work out and plan the 300-kilometre route? Why do you have to stand by the 600 illuminated signs on the entire route? And how do they get there? And who's gonna make sure they don't get stolen? These and many other questions are asked by Rene Wasmund in our interview.

If you have visions, you ride a bike.

Without inventors looking beyond the box, mobility would stand still. For example, if Karl Drais had not believed in his vision 201 years ago, we would probably not ride a bike, but still ride horses. We present five modern visionaries who, based on very different spontaneous ideas, have founded a bicycle company that is currently celebrating an anniversary and is one of the market leaders.

Bike to work? Ten types of bikes for ten types of riders.

Overcrowded buses, clogged roads and delays can start to feed on the nerves early in the morning. Good, if you have a means of transportation at your disposal, which makes sense and fun on the way to work. We present ten types of bikes for ten types of riders.

Cycling relieves the burden on the operational transport system.

For each kilometre of cars there is a cost of 15 cents. However, on every kilometre travelled by bike, the public earns 16 cents. Cyclists and good cycle paths promote sales in local trade, and health spending is also decreasing.

Cycling in winter? Why you better buy spike tires now.

Motorists know the rule of thumb: From O like October to O like Easter is winter tire time. But even when riding a bike, a tyre exchange can pay off in the cold season. Here you can find out what makes a winter suitable tires and why clever cyclists take care of it early if they don't want to lose grip even on ice.

Did you know? Cycling is the best sport to lose weight.

Cycling burns more calories than other sports activities, in the same period of time. Due to the fact that the large muscle groups such as legs and buttocks are trained not only increases fat burning during activity, but the strong muscles consume more calories even at rest.

Finally autumn, off into the terrain with the Cyclocrosser.

Yes, they really exist: cyclists waiting for autumn all summer. They call themselves cross-field drivers' or cyclocrosser and run a sport that lives almost from adverse weather conditions. On special road bikes, they heat over two to three kilometers long round courses, which are studded with obstacles such as hurdles, sand pits and stairs.

The 300-kilometer thing.

For 20 years ROSE CYCLESTORIES author Stefan Ruzas dreamed of riding a bike marathon over 300 kilometres. Now he has dared to do it with a TEAM GF FOUR from ROSE. Ten impressions of the Mecklenburg Lakes Runde — by mileage.

The number of the day

10 valuable tips for handling the disc brake

An indispensable part of the mountain bike, established on the trekking bike and e-bike, and also on the rise in the road bike: more and more cyclists appreciate the advantages of disc brakes. For all newcomers and newcomers, we have a few simple but valuable tips.

The number of the day

Higher, faster, farther? 6 tuning tips for mountain biking.

The wheel of development is constantly spinning, especially in cycling there are technical innovations almost every month. Especially the mountain bike has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Where is what upgrade worth and what to consider? These 6 tips show the backgrounds on...

The Mecklenburger Seen Runde is Germany's longest cycling marathon. An interview with initiator and chief organizer Detlef Koepke.

The Mecklenburg Lakes Round is legendary: 300 kilometres of track length, the participants have a maximum of 28 hours to reach the finish. The MSR is an event of superlatives: On the weekend of the event, about 750 emergency personnel ensure a smooth process, while there are 7 catering stations on the track. The participants drive through a lake and hilly landscape created in the last Ice Age, amidst a sea of blooming rapeseed fields. We talked to Detlfef Koepke about this unique event and its special features.

The 5 most common nutritional errors — and how you do it better.

In order to be able to power even more during your tours, do you want to feed yourself accordingly? And you want the extra pounds to melt? The key to success lies in nutrition. Healthy food has become trendy. More and more is reported about a proper diet. But are they even? There is, of course, something true about many reports, but some error creeps in too. And numerous advice and tips you get from self-proclaimed nutritional gurus are often not sufficiently scientifically founded or simply wrong. Nutritionist Hylke Boelens shows you the 5 biggest mistakes and explains how to do better.

Komoot and Cyclique — a combination that makes cycling even better.

Have you noticed? We have a new highlight in the app and now you can use your KOMOOT account in Cyclique. We'll show you how it works.

So you'll be healthy in autumn — 5 tips for a good immune system.

At the beginning of autumn you can often see that our fellow human beings get a cold, catch a cold or even a flu. This is mainly due to the immune system, which is weakened by irregular and unresponsible nutrition, combined with fatigue, weather change, stress and other factors, the common cold is usually inevitable. To strengthen your immune system and avoid flu, here are five tips for you.

DIY or die? 6 Tips for Suspension Fork Care

Spring elements are ubiquitous on mountain bike and also have a permanent place on everyday, cargo or travel bikes. At any time of the year, this technique needs care and maintenance, so as not to fail the service. Here you can find suitable tips.

The number of the day

Autumn is here: Cyclocross or rather Gravel?

Who doesn't dream of how the riders of the Tour de France glide along, but at the same time being safe on bad slopes and bike paths? This is the idea of the gravel bike, it is the universal wide tire road bike. And then there are also cyclocrosser, or cross-field racing bikes. Gravelbike and crosser look similar, promise similar and both are a lot of fun. Nevertheless, there are subtle but decisive differences. Here are some decision-making aids in choosing the right training partner.

How bike friendly is your city? The ADFC Bike Climate Test 2018 starts.

Your support puts the bike in motion! As of now, the survey of the 2018 ADFC Bike Climate Test is ongoing. Together with the Federal Ministry of Transport, the bicycle club is once again calling on hundreds of thousands of cyclists to evaluate the bicycle friendliness of cities and municipalities. The test helps to identify strengths and weaknesses of cycling promotion. This year, family-friendliness of cycling is the main theme. The individual Mayors hope for numerous participation.

9x to the Mont Ventoux? Fou du Velo or Welcome to the Super Crazy Club.

Three paths lead to Mont Ventoux. Climb all three driveways along the three main roads (Bédoin, Malaucène, Sault) will get access to the “Club of the Crazy”. The climb is regarded by many Tour de France winners as the toughest of the major, French, and even European passports. At 21.5 km an altitude difference 1620 m: an absolute mountain concentrate. But how is it like to ride through Mont Ventoux eight to nine times within 24 hours? StriveMax co-founder Richard Geng tried and reported it.

NiteRider Sentinel 40. Nice gimmick or gift from heaven?

A bicycle light that creates virtual lanes everywhere? That's the promise behind the NiteRider Sentinel 40, a rear light equipped with a special “laser lanes” mode that projects two bright lines on the ground around your bike.

Unleash your power with StriveMax.

Powermeters are nothing new anymore. Many cyclists and triathletes use them to improve their training and competition performance. It is only when evaluating it often haps. That's exactly what StriveMax is for. With this basic version, free and easy-to-use online platform, you can view your training and competition data clearly, analyze and evaluate individual exits, plan your training and share selected activities with your friends via social networks. We talked to one of the founders, ex-pro Richard Geng, about the platform.

Cyclists protect the environment.

900 928 005 litres of fuel savings per year? Actually, quite simply...

The EuroEyes Cyclassics 2018 — an experience report.

EuroEyes CYCLASSICS has been the Hamburg cycling race for professionals and everyone since 1996. Not only for around 18,000 participants, but also for 650,000 spectators, the race in Hamburg has long been cult. Chris Collin drove the 109 kilometers with a 43 cut. He knew it was going to be fast before. What does not expect him after the launch from the VIP100 block...

Road bike tires. The agony of choice?

Professionals swear by tubular tires, amateur athletes mainly use clinchers — but with Tubeless, pioneering technology is getting more and more influx. Road cyclists are spoiled for choice when it comes to tyres. We show the pros and cons of different models.

New road bike? Maybe as a service wheel?

If you hear about bicycle leasing, you inevitably think of city, trekking and e-bikes. But sports bikes can also be leased — even individual bodies are possible. You can read how this works and what you need to consider here.

The number of the day

With Keto-Boost for high performance on the bike.

Have you heard about ketogenic nutrition? With this type of diet, the metabolic state is switched from glucose metabolism to lipid metabolism. So your body no longer draws energy needed from the carbohydrate stores, but from the fat stores. The advantage for you is a more efficient and, above all, faster energy supply! How does that work exactly? What are the advantages? Are there any drawbacks? A look from the user's point of view tells you.

The Tubeless-1x1: Bicycle tire without hose

Hoses previously belonged to the bicycle, such as handlebars, saddle or chain oil. Everyone who had to push home for miles has also learned the patch. But all this is about to change fundamentally: Tubeless is the technology that completely dispenses with the inner tube. Well established on the mountain bike, the spark now jumps onto the road bike and could soon also provide smooth running and puncture protection on the everyday bike...

The number of the day

More watts for everyone! Efficiency through power measurement

Watt-based training is hard to imagine without professional cycling. Thanks to falling prices for the measuring systems, even recreational athletes discover the wattage for themselves. For them, the systems are particularly worthwhile, because if there is little time, training effects can be significantly increased. A few facts about technology and backgrounds.

Aerodynamics or: how to ride a bike faster.

The desire of every road cyclist: make progress fast and efficient. An essential factor is aerodynamics, i.e. the reduction of air resistance. Continuously new measurements and further developed products are coming onto the market and enable ever better driving results. We show you how you can get valuable seconds with sometimes simple measures.

Travel with bike, child and trailer

The summer holiday is about to come and the bicycle is becoming more and more popular travel companion for young and old. A few tips and legal advice on what to consider when travelling with a bicycle trailer.

The number of the day

8 tips for cycling in the heat.

At the current temperatures around 34 degrees, cyclists have a clear advantage: the wind has a cooling and refreshing effect. But the heat can still strain cyclists. Here are some tips and tricks for cycling at high temperatures.

The number of the day

10 care tips for cycling clothing

Cyclists swear by functional clothing, because it keeps dry and ensures a pleasant microclimate between skin and fabric. But how do you wash and care for Softshell, Merino Wool & Co. after a bike tour? We have taken a closer look at the care labels. Here are the ten best tips to avoid spinning when washing.

Cycling Trousers 2.0 - Boxer Shorts with Extra Pad.

Whether you're riding your bike to work, being sporty at leisure or looking for trousers for the next spinning unit, the FOR.BICY boxer shorts for men and women provide comfort in every situation and probably also a laugh when dressing and taking off.

The number of the day

Alcohol enjoyment and its consequences (for cyclists).

Summer time, beer garden time... many enjoy a drink of beer or wine after a tour. Alcohol is not only a poison for competitive athletes, but also for amateur riders and for those who do not have a bicycle at all, the nerve poison does not stop. But what exactly does alcohol do with our body?

The number of the day

listnride — we talked to one of the founders about the bike sharing platform.

listnride is a pan-European bike sharing platform. Here you can easily rent and rent bikes. Especially worth mentioning: You are insured against damage and theft on every loan! How did the idea come up and what is special about the platform? Gert-Jan van Wijk is ready to answer.

On the road to Somewhere: Tour and Road Bike 2019

Travel wheels are now often offered electrified and thus redefine the destinations. In addition, there are plenty of accessories, for tours with motor and those without. Road cyclists also find new things for their constant search for other horizons. Here you can find exciting “for the roadtrip”.

The number of the day

Adventure “Around the World by Bike”.

On the bamboo wheel to China? Around the world on a folding bike? Sand, rain, mud, cold and difficult road conditions are just some of the adversity that circumcidents face with their bikes. Choosing the right companion therefore decides on a successful tour — or whether you have to turn back in the neighbouring village. A wide variety of distance cyclists tell about their adventures and tell why the quality of their “continuous runner” is crucial.

6 reasons to train in the group.

If you drive alone, you set the route and pace, and no one will make you rules during your tour. Is this really effective to improve? We show you the most convincing reasons to train in the group.

The number of the day

99 reasons why cycling improves your life.

Cycling is great — and it's fun. It provides mental balance, health and relieves the traffic situation. However, we show you many more sometimes very surprising reasons to get on the bike and ride even more.

BAAM — we talked to the founder about the peculiarities of his sports nutrition.

With passionate commitment, BAAM sports nutrition creates the balancing act between tastes, costs no fortune and makes you fast. BAAM is top quality at uniquely fair prices, perfect for all heroines in Lycra! We talked to Axel the founder of BAAM about his sports food startup.

Ghost Riders and Redsinners: 10 Tips for Cyclists

By bike you can get from A to B. If you don't pay attention, it can be quite expensive. Penalty, driving license deprivation, theft: We have 10 tips on how to save yourself the trouble.

Lawyer Hokuspokus? Legal information about the purchase of bicycles simply explained.

What is a warranty and how is it different from the warranty? When does the dealer give goodwill? What is leasing? Many cycling users are confronted with legal technical terms when buying or in the workshop. In order to avoid misunderstandings, this article explains the 10 most important points.

Safely navigate on the bike - what to look for?

We often think that the right app on your smartphone would be enough to keep us and our bike on the right paths. However, in some cases, the safety which should be guaranteed in all cases in road transport is not necessary. So what should be taken care of in order to get to the destination safely?

Netherlands 1:0 Germany

The point goes quite clearly to our neighbors — there are more bikes than residents in the country. But why is Holland actually a bicycle country?

Don't buy upgrades?

Repairing and upgrading: New life for beloved products — even after years of intensive use? No problem. These video tutorials show how to do it.

carryyygum — we talked to the inventor of the smallest luggage carrier in the world.

A super light bike rack, for aesthetes who value functionality and like to travel without ballast. That's carryyygum. We talked to Carl, the inventor and founder of carryyygum about his innovative idea.

Correctly adjust the circuit? No problem with this DIY guide.

Small rotation, great effect: circuits help to overcome mountains and provide comfort when cycling. If the gear change does not fluctuate, this is usually due to an incorrectly adjusted gearshift. A few twists in the right place will help. This is not witchcraft — some gear changers don't even need tools. We show how it works on individual circuits.

Women's Bike 2.0? Keep Thinking Drawers Closed

Unisex frames instead of classic women's bike on the one hand and sports bikes that the layman does not see that they are made specifically for women, on the other: while in some areas the bike overcomes gender boundaries, in other women's specific needs today are particularly taken into account. Where and in what form the small difference plays a role, this article shows.

Cycling in pregnancy: what to take into account?

Exercise prevents many health risks associated with pregnancy, especially thrombosis, high blood pressure or gestational diabetes — not to mention overweight and depression. Cycling is ideal for doing something good for yourself and the baby. Cyclique gives tips for a safe and comfortable ride.

Cycling saves the company taxpayers' money.

For each kilometre of cars there is a cost of 15 cents. On the other hand, the general public earns 16 cents on every kilometre travelled by bike.

What should you pay attention to when buying a bike?

Anyone who wants to buy a bicycle is not just a layman quickly hit by the wide range of models and brands. Specialist dealers offer the advantage of competent advice compared to online stores. You can also look at the wheels, touch them and test them. In order to find the right bike, not only the seller is in demand, but also as a customer you should pay attention to a few things. We will give you tips for buying.

11 reasons why cycling makes you happy

Cycling is emotional, cycling is haptic, cycling is a health meter — and it's fun. Why the bike is also a good means to be happier, we show you here.

Traffic turn-around — the bicycle takes the city back

Our cities are built by people for people. But in fact, in many places, it seems that cars are their true inhabitants. The streets are crowded, traffic jams are the order of the day, at every traffic light you wait, the stress level rises daily. A higher proportion of cycling in major cities is not only desirable, it is now indispensable. Feels like we are slowly but surely approaching a traffic fact. So it's time for man to recapture public space.

Reportage — the road to the perfect saddle.

Saddle and butt must match, otherwise it won't be with cycling. More and more saddle manufacturers are therefore offering an ergonomics concept with seat bone measurement. This sounds like high-tech, but is rather straightforward in practice.

New bike? 7 tips on what to consider after purchase

Into the pleasure with a new bike! In order for the Neurad to unfold all its advantages, Ross and Rider have to get used to each other and a little adaptation is needed. Why Thursday is the best day to make the first bike tour with the new sweetheart and find out more in this article. We collected what matters before the first ride.

Tapering for your next race: this is how it works!

For most of us, the great seasonal highlights are due to this season. Whether in the mountains at the Ötztal cycling marathon, in the flat at the Cyclassics, a single time trial, mountain sprint or any other competition you have set yourself as a big goal - it's all about one question: How do I bring my good shape to the road on Day X? Our head coach Stefan gives you tips and tricks.

The right luggage rack for every bike.

Cycling tours include summer such as ice cream and swimming pool. From the picnic blanket to food jugs or dry fuel burners to the tent, cyclists have a lot to do on tour. We will explain how to make bicycles for everyday life, sports and tours into small animals.

Cyclists are faster at their destination.

Bicycles are proven to be the fastest means of transport in the big city: for distances up to 5 kilometres you are faster than any subway or S-Bahn, faster than any bus and car, you also leave it neatly on the left.

The search for the “steep pig”.

One superlative hunts the next: “RadcoreExtrem 2017” seems to break all records in Thuringia with 270 kilometers and 5000 meters of altitude. In 2018, the cycling enthusiasts from Sonneberg put one more on it.

carryyygum — The smallest luggage carrier in the world is here.

Lightweight, flexible & stylish — carryyygum is an uncomplicated transport solution for your bike.

The best bicycle stores. Today: Harry's Rad Station in Hamburg.

In our series “the best bicycle shops” we introduce you to the most extraordinary, friendly and best bike shops. The world of bicycle shops is colorful, versatile and varied, with our series we want to give you an overview of the highlights.

Jan Wiedemann in an interview.

Jan Wiedemann is everywhere right now. We talked with the paracyclist about the time intensity of his training, as well as the compatibility with the family, his Everyman Team Radcore Sonneberg and of course about Radcore Extrem.

Ten tips for the perfect bike tour for two.

Cycling alone is great, but with your partner it is doubly fun. It doesn't have to be a bike marathon, a nice Sunday trip is quite enough. We give ten valuable tips for a relaxing and relaxing trip for two. After all, the whole thing is not supposed to end in a marriage crisis.

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Pumps, but right.

With the right tyre pressure, it rolls better. So much is clear. But, in front of the pneumatic tyres, the gentleman put the pump. And not only one, but very many different variants, for each purpose there are special models. A little pump science...

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Theft Protection 4.0

“Imagine meeting your friends at the cafe. You turn off your bike - without connecting it - and go in. Then you come out and your bike is... still there! “Impossible, do you think?

We will make you fit for the Ötztal cycling marathon.

Time flies by, now it's only three months to the highlight of the year — the Ötztal cycling marathon on 02.09.2018! What can you do to get optimally prepared at the start?

Cycle path is not equal to cycle path.

Cars belong to the road, cyclists to the bike path. So far the general opinion. But this is only partly true. Cyclists are usually allowed to use the road. We give you an overview of what the current legal situation is and what special regulations apply to training groups and children.

More power for the legs?

With these 7 tips, you can improve your leg strength and get faster on the bike.

The best bicycle stores. Today: JEDI Sports in Krefeld.

In our series “the best bicycle shops” we introduce you to the most extraordinary, friendly and best bike shops. The world of bicycle shops is colorful, versatile and varied, with our series we want to give you an overview of the highlights. Do you have any tips? No matter whether top screwdrivers, dealers of high end racers, manufacturers of hand-welded lowriders, the friendliest and best service, or the best workshop? On Facebook you are welcome to give us your recommendations.

Lease me!

Get the bike through the employer? Oh, sure. Service car leasing is becoming increasingly popular. What is often forgotten: In addition to high-quality wheels and e-bikes, selected accessories can also be included in a lease contract. But not everything that you find great and practical is also leasing capable. We show what can be leased through the employee — and what can't.

Win 1 out of 3 training plans with a total value of 377 euros.

In 3 months Kirchmair Cycling will make you fit for the Ötztal cycling marathon! If you were busy in the spring, then this 3-month training plan will help you get top-fit at the Ötztaler!

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7 reasons why cycling is good for the environment.

Risk vs. profit

I recently received a message from one of my athletes. His big goal this year is the Ötztal cycling marathon. His goal - a time under 9 hours! He asked me how many times he should spend 9h on the bike to get closer to his goal. Here's my answer...

Are you strong enough?

#RDCRextrem and the “Steep Pig” 2018 (30.6. + 1.7.) is for real heroes. After the #RDCRextrem in 2017 with 270 km and “nichma” 5000 Hm beat, we put another one on it. Yeah... there's still a few ramps on top.

Slow Travel: The art of taking your time.

Are you planning your first bike trip? For a successful bike holiday, you don't need a big travel budget, because the most beautiful bike tours are right on your doorstep. However, you should invest time in planning and preparation to make your bike trip a complete success.

Good food, good legs? Nutrition tips for cyclists.

The season is young and for many cyclists the important competitions are imminent. Accordingly, the tension arc is upright. Whether German Cycling Cup, Alpencup, Amatuer World Championship, etc. soon it's time to go to the preserves. Here you can find out what influence the right diet has on your level of performance and how to bring the good shape to the street on the decisive day.

This has to be gone! With the Wegeherd app.

Are you riding your bike around the city? Are you walking as a pedestrian? Or do you use bus or tram? You like urban life and enjoy exploring your city. But there are often obstacles — walking or cycling paths, bus stops or fire fighting trips. Frequently fake parkers. The Wegeherd-App helps you to draw attention to grievances.

The best bicycle stores. Today: “Kvirder” - in Frankfurt.

The bike is our favorite companion. Whether it's a full carbon racer, a vintage road bike or a practical cargo bike — what better means of transportation than a bike? Specialized bike shops offer bicycles that please not only the athlete's heart, but also the eye and at best satisfy individual wishes.

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Interval training — what, why and how long?

Many ambitious cyclists encounter a problem after initially rapid performance gains: a performance platform. Training becomes more, but performance does not increase or barely increase. The potential remedy is: interval programs.

Alternative training in cycling? Tips and tricks from Stefan Kirchmair.

“The successes of summer are made in winter.” That sounds really hackneyed, but unfortunately it is. This is especially true for athletes who have great goals to go through a cycling marathon such as the Mecklenburg Lakes Runde or the legendary Ötztal.

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The cycling clothes guide for the summer.

What do I wear for road bike training? This question arises again and again to all road cyclists. If you wrap up too cold there is a risk that you catch a cold, you wear too warm clothes, you sweat very quickly and far too much. Our bike clothes guide shows you what to wear in which weather.

20 reasons why cycling is good for your health.

Of course, if you're on the road with a crosser, a road bike, a MTB or a fixie, you know that the sport is getting fit. But even if you are a daily cyclist on a city bike or a folding bike, this has an incredible impact on your health.

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Pulse vs. Power

Again and again you hear the question: “How high do you get your pulse? “Many think that a high pulse is equated with high power.

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So a bike marathon (almost) becomes a pleasure.

For many cyclists, a cycling marathon of 300 kilometres is a season destination that is being worked for a long time. Those who are looking for the ultimate challenge of the long distance will face completely different demands on the material, equipment and food on the track than would be the case in a 60 kilometer race.

Training with your smartphone — right tracks for beginners and professionals.

Of course, the fitness trend in Germany does not close to new technology — the services of GPSIes are therefore ideal for announcing unwanted pounds the fight or simply completing an individual training.

17 curious facts about cycling.

Cycling not only has health effects on us, it also makes us happier. Don't you think so? Well, look at these 19 odd facts.